Seattle Genetic Instability and Cancer Symposium

APRIL 23, 2014
8:30am - 6:30pm in Pelton Auditorium

The Seattle Genetic Instability and Cancer Symposium will facilitate interaction between Seattle-based graduate students, research associates and principal investigators in the field of DNA repair, genomics, genetic instability and cancer. The symposium will feature 10 minute talks and a poster session presented primarily by graduate students and post-docs from selected abstracts.

Research areas to be featured in SGICS:

  • DNA Repair/DNA Damage Response
  • Cancer Genetics/Genomics
  • Cancer Mechanisms
  • Genome Engineering
  • Chromosome Structure and Dynamics

Keynote Speaker: We're proud to announce that Dr. Andre Nussenzweig from the Center for Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute will be featured as the keynote speaker. Dr. Nussenzweig's group studies mechanisms that cells employ to maintain genomic stablity. Specific research areas include DNA damage signaling and repair, oncogenic translocations and studying the role of chromatin structure in maintaining genomic stabilty. For more information visit the lab website.

Networking opportunities: We will have a catered reception by registration that will provide opportunities for local scientists to interact and exchange ideas.

Getting to the Hutch: The FHCRC-UW Shuttle runs frequently and the schedule can be found here. There are a limited number of 2hr visitor parking spots at FHCRC. Please check in at the visitor desk in the Thomas building if you park in the visitor parking. The bus routes 66 and 70 serve Eastlake and Fairview avenues and provide easy access to FHCRC. The South Lake Union Trolly also serves FHCRC.

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