Industry Relations and Technology Transfer

Transfer Materials or Data to an Outside Organization

IRTTO recognizes the importance of sharing scientific knowledge and resources to advance science. We strive to make the transfer process quick and simple.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) and Data Transfer and Use Agreements (DTUA) are contracts used to govern the exchange of research materials or data between organizations. These agreements fairly credit the developers, protect the Center’s intellectual property rights and limit Center liability.

Our office assists scientific staff in handling the exchange of materials (e.g. vectors, antibodies, cell lines) and/or data with investigators at other non-profit institutions or companies. Our office is responsible for preparing, negotiating and signing all such agreements external organizations on behalf of the Center.

To transfer material or data, please contact the Industry Relations and Technology Transfer Office or submit one of the online forms below. One of our contract specialists will contact you immediately to complete the process.  Investigators and research staff are highly encouraged to contact IRTTO in advance of a transfer.  

To receive materials or data from a company or academic organization please use the following forms:

To send materials or data to an academic organization:

To send materials to a company:

Materials are typically transferred to a company for research purposes using a fee-based license, not an MTA. Investigators interested in sending materials to a company should contact their licensing associate or Email

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