Industry Relations and Technology Transfer

Collaborate with Industry

Businessman and scientist meeting

Our office focuses on building successful collaborations with our industry partners.

Research collaborations with industry can play a key role in the process of developing new products based on early stage research discoveries. Benefits of such collaborations to investigators can include access to proprietary materials, the expertise of corporate scientists and research sponsorship.

Collaborations with industry can take many forms and may be memorialized by a variety of legal agreements. Our office prepares, negotiates and manages all such agreements, including Confidential Disclosure Agreements, non-clinical Industry Sponsored Research Agreements and Collaboration Agreements. We work with investigators, program administrators and divisions, as well as the Office of Sponsored Research, Accounting, Institutional Review Office, Clinical Research Support and General Counsel's Office to negotiate agreements that protect the interests of our investigators and the Center and facilitate productive collaborations.

Please contact our office if you are interested in entering into a non-clinical research collaboration with a company. We can help you understand the process, assess your options and leverage our industry relationships to facilitate the process.  

To initiate an agreement for an industry sponsored clinical trial, please contact Sonja Halverson or visit Clinical Research Support's Contracts & Fiscal Management page.