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Business Development & Strategy

About Us

Our partnering philosopy

The mission at Fred Hutch is to eliminate cancer, and our faculty strive to create innovative therapies with this goal in mind. We also understand that, in order to translate our innovations to the clinic where they will truly impact cancer care, we must embrace the convergence of science and business. Translation is the focus of the Business Development & Strategy (BD&S) team, and we proactively seek partners who share our drive to innovate, collaborate, and accelerate development of programs and technologies that will revolutionize how we treat cancer. Our partnering philosophy is founded on flexibility. Whether we are executing transactional licenses or establishing high-impact alliances, we approach each collaboration in the way that makes the most sense for the science, for the Hutch, and for our partners.

Our responsibilities

Business Development & Strategy (BD&S) is responsible for managing and commercializing the intellectual property assets of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We understand partners are vital to the commercialization process, and our goal to work as efficiently and collaboratively as possible to achieve shared goals.

Partners can connect to Fred Hutch technologies, research and inventors through BD&S and access innovations with a variety of agreement and license options.

BD&S core services include:

  • Evaluate commercial potential of inventions
  • Protect and manage intellectual property
  • Identify opportunities and market ideas to industry
  • License intellectual property in a manner that encourages product development and generates a fair financial return for the center
  • Negotiate and administer partnership agreements including material transfer, confidentiality, collaboration and sponsored research agreements
  • Facilitate non-clinical research partnerships with industry
  • Create new businesses based on center technologies