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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

View of Hutchinson Center campus from Lake Union

The Hutch commitment to sustainability is inspired by Seattle's beautiful environment.

Photo by Dean Forbes

At Fred Hutch, we know that physical health goes hand in hand with a healthy environment. That's why a serious commitment to environmental sustainability is woven into every part of our work.

We are fortunate to conduct our research with the stunning natural landscape of the Pacific Northwest right outside our doors. Our 15.2-acre campus in Seattle, Washington, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and water, an ever-present scenic reminder of our obligation to environmental responsibility. For the past 20 years we have planned, built, expanded and operated this campus with a commitment to sustainability and efficient use of resources, and have been recognized with dozens of awards for environmental leadership.

As a member of the City of Seattle's Climate Partnership program we're proud to say we've achieved a reduction in our overall carbon footprint by 26%.

In partnership with Seattle City Light's Green Power Program, the Hutch has installed 12 solar panels that generate 2,900 kwh of electricity per year, equivalent to the power needed for lighting 20 standard offices. Check out the Hutch's current energy output.