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that save lives

At Fred Hutch, scientists pursue discoveries that may lead to cures. Our pioneering research has dramatically increased survival rates and saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. Scroll down to learn more about our breakthroughs.

Dr. E. Donnall Thomas

Pioneering bone marrow transplantation

Our Dr. E. Donnall Thomas won a Nobel Prize for developing bone marrow transplantation and we are constantly improving upon this lifesaving procedure, with everything from mini-transplants that reduce a patient’s radiation exposure to cord blood therapies for patients who can’t find bone marrow donors.
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Dr. Stan Riddell

Using the immune system to wipe out cancer

Our researchers, including Drs. Stan Riddell and Phil Greenberg, are pioneering immunotherapy – a technique that uses the body’s natural, infection-fighting power to destroy cancer cells.
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Dr. Jim Olson

Developing tactical therapies that zero in on cancer cells

Dr. Jim Olson developed “tumor paint” – an innovative drug that attaches to tumor cells and shows surgeons exactly where to cut. And he is pursuing new compounds that attack cancer cells without hurting the healthy cells around them.
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Dr. Sunil Hingorani

Breaking down pancreatic cancer's defenses

When Dr. Sunil Hingorani found a way to break through pancreatic cancer’s resistance to chemotherapy, it was one of the most significant advances on the disease in decades.
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Dr. Colleen Delaney

Making stem cell transplants available to everyone

Dr. Colleen Delaney is spearheading a technique that makes cord blood transplants – a powerful alternative to bone marrow transplants – available to anyone who needs them, even if they can’t find a genetically-matching donor.
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Dr. Garnet Anderson

Reducing breast cancer risk

Dr. Garnet Anderson and her colleagues at the Women’s Health Initiative are making pivotal progress against breast cancer by changing how doctors use hormone therapy and discovering new ways for women to reduce their risk.
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Dr. Nina Salama

Unraveling stomach cancer's causes

Dr. Nina Salama’s groundbreaking insights into H. Pylori – a bacteria linked to stomach cancer – could lead to new ways to prevent H. Pylori infections and to better treatments for related cancers.
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Dr. Mark Roth

Discovering the secrets behind suspended animation

Dr. Mark Roth is developing a way to force organisms into hibernation, a method that could buy time for critically-ill patients while they wait for treatment.
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Dr. Linda Buck

Deciphering how the brain processes smell

Dr. Linda Buck won a Nobel Prize for developing a landmark understanding of how humans perceive odors. Her research could have numerous health implications and could advance how we understand fear, aggression and other behaviors.
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Dr. William Grady

Pursuing innovative tests for colon cancer

Dr. William Grady is pursuing blood tests for colorectal cancer and making genetic discoveries that could lead to new treatments for the disease.
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Dr. Oliver Press

Advancing radiation therapies that don't harm healthy cells

Dr. Oliver Press pioneered a way to blast cancer with radiation without affecting healthy cells, laying the foundation for some of the world’s most successful treatments for lymphoma and other blood cancers.
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Dr. Nicole Urban

Finding new ways to detect and prevent ovarian cancer

Dr. Nicole Urban is making discoveries that could help doctors predict a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer and stop the disease from developing.
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Dr. Sue Biggins

Discovering how cells get the right chromosomes

Dr. Sue Biggins' breakthrough understanding of how cells divide could lead to new drugs that stop cancer cells from propagating.
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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a world leader in research to prevent, detect and treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases.