Alcohol and cancer risk: Distilling fact from fiction

A conversation with cancer-prevention expert Dr. Polly Newcomb
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How to see in the dark

After a car accident left her blind, virologist Maxine Linial learned to continue her pioneering research without sight
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Catching up with the flu

Research sheds light on why we need yearly flu shots and suggests the possibility of a single, lifetime vaccine
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Tumor Paint approved for first U.S. trial

Dye that highlights cancer cells for surgery was pioneered by Fred Hutch’s Dr. Jim Olson
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Is it Alzheimer’s? Early memory problems linked to later dementia, study finds

But lifestyle changes like diet and exercise may stave off cognitive decline, expert says


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The HVTN has a new and improved website featuring ground-breaking research efforts at 30 clinical sites and five laboratories across five continents.
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A 10-year-old girl’s fearless approach to life with a brain tumor inspired Dr. Jim Olson and new “citizen science” at Fred Hutch.
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HICOR takes an innovative approach to improve the effectiveness of cancer prevention, treatment and therapy while stemming the high costs of cancer care.
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A database that will enable scientists and physicians to learn from every new patient who comes through the door.
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The Solid Tumor Translational Research network is pursuing new therapies for tumors affecting nearly a dozen major organs.
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Donate Alaska Airlines miles. Your donations can help reduce travel costs for cancer patients & families. They also can be made into travel packages for fundraising events.
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Media Coverage

  • The Seattle Times, Sept. 30, 2014
    Article quotes Drs. Sylvia Lee and Aude Chapuis about Fred Hutch's pioneering work in T-cell therapy for melanoma
  • The Seattle Times, Sept. 30, 2014
    Interview with gynecologic oncologist Dr. Charles Drescher about a controversial fibroid-removal procedure called morcellation
  • Cancer Today, Fall 2014
    Article about the consequences of obesity in cancer patients quotes Dr. Gary Lyman, co-director of the Hutchinson Institute of Cancer Outcomes Research (HICOR), on how underdosing of chemotherapy in obese patients may help explain why they have a higher risk of recurrence and mortality than patients of normal weight

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Bioengineer and cancer researcher
A “whimsical” decision to study bioengineering started Dr. Cyrus Ghajar on a path that has led him to a new frontier in cancer research — one that could eventually lead to new methods for preventing cancer’s spread

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    You don’t have to be a scientist to jump-start cancer cures. The latest issue of Quest magazine explores how the Behnke family is transforming lives by supporting Fred Hutch. Also: get expert advice on alcohol and cancer risk, meet a Hutch virologist leading her team – and field – without sight, and more. Check out the new Quest magazine.
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